Diosa Fitness

In 2013 After experiencing the sudden loss of my soul mate I was forced to face a longtime fear, my greatness. I realized I had been projecting my own dreams and aspirations onto someone else because I was too afraid of failing to go after what I wished to achieve for myself. I also became codependent, but that wasn't an option anymore.

Grieving was a great teacher on how to heal. Through self love and self care and exploring different healing modalities I would discover new possibilities of health and wellness. I knew this would be a very challenging time and I decided I would not let my outside circumstances determine my outcome. I would rise. 

I made Meditation, Skin Care, Healthy Eating, Fitness, Energy Healing and Affirmations a priority with the intention of using my experiences to one day help others. Here I am honored to share with you what I know and beyond. We use four bodies to navigate here on Mother Earth and Diosa Fitness provides tools for each of these bodies to be nurtured and developed.

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Earth's Marinade 

We are gonna time travel and go back to the year 2000, while I was in culinary school I was introduced to a family recipe. I saw something beyond its traditional use, this recipe had wondrous potential as a base and the power to produce a marvelous array of other variants for pro and home chefs of all skill levels.

Fast forward to 2010 I decided to lose postpartum weight, pursue personal fitness training and use my culinary expertise to develop this family recipe and create Earth’s Marinade. I was then able to incorporate it into a food coaching program. I would be the first client, I then went on to help my clients reach their health and fitness goals. 

As a Chef and Mother I am grateful for Earth’s Marinade because it simplifies my life, it cuts my prepping time and provides rich flavor and dense nutrients. It has been my go to seasoning and condiment for over 20 years. I use it on everything. The beauty of this marinade is that it enhances food's natural flavor not overpowers it. I can always add more salt to taste, more oil versatility or use as is and I just love the flexibility it provides. Anywhere a recipe that especially calls for onions or garlic I can reach for Earth’s Marinade instead or enhance any recipe by using two tablespoons or more..

It's an all natural fresh and low sodium marinade that can be added to salads, proteins, soups, vegetables, grains, sauces and used as a flavor booster. Cook with it or use it raw. I live by this magical marinade that now my kids see the value in using because it is so efficient and delicious and that brings me joy and now I get to share it with you. 

Earth's Marinade is Easy to Use, Flavorful and Healthy. Discover a Lifestyle!