fitness for the heart, mind, body & soul

Diosa’s mission is to be a guiding light in the planetary and conscious shift of humanity. Her in-depth understanding of the relationship between nutritional, physical, and spiritual health along with intuitive methods have the potential to transform your life.



guiding healing & balance

The purpose of Diosa is rooted in finding inner meaning, and translates to Goddess in Español. Diosa Fitness was founded by Diosa Maya in 2010 to create awareness and healing for a balanced heart, mind, body and soul.

a wholeness approach

Diosa has been on her own lifelong personal journey of healing and rejuvenation. She has studied Culinary Arts, Fitness, Mind Intelligence, and Spiritual Healing to offer a wholeness approach reflected in our company.

earth's marinade

Earth’s Marinade is a family recipe, cultivated with intention and love over the past 2 decades. This blend of nature’s 7 powerful ingredients provides maximum flavor and nutritional benefits. Earth’s Marinade was created to nourish and be used in everyday meal preparation or when you are looking to try something new.


leading with health

Keep up to date with the Diosa Fitness blog which sheds light on embracing self-love by nurturing with inclusive recipes, healing practices, and more.